How to Improve Your Property's Exterior

Consult with a local excavation contractor, landscaper and driveway installer in Franklin, ME

Have you ever tried digging a trench, spreading gravel or laying sod? If the answer is no, we don't recommend that you start today. Instead of doing long hours of hard work, hire our local excavation contractor, landscaper and driveway installer in Franklin, ME to do the job for you. Hayward's Property Maintenance LLC takes the sweat out of your property improvement projects.

Don't settle for a one-trick contractor

Unlike other local contractors who only offer one type of service, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to complete a wide variety of jobs. We fulfill many roles, including that of:

  • A local excavation contractor
  • A skilled landscaping contractor
  • An experienced driveway contractor
If you have questions about our staff or services, call 207-669-0341 now. And be sure to ask for a free estimate.

What makes Hayward's Property Maintenance your best choice?

Maybe you need more room for visitors to park. Or maybe you're tired of coming home to the sight of a patchy brown lawn or a cracked, crumbling concrete driveway. Luckily, our pros are here to help. Local home and business owners in and around Franklin, ME hire our landscaper and driveway contractor to boost their curb appeal.

Over the years, we've worked at bustling businesses, quiet neighborhoods and local trailer parks. No matter where you are, we guarantee that you'll get exceptional service and top-notch results for a fair price.

Check out our work for yourself. Visit our Gallery today to see pictures of projects we've completed.